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Finest way to build strong muscles

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Hey what’s up guys eyes it does man event cost you hear us talking about talk about nutrition stuff from in some ice from on basically what type of foods what happened with Ashley I should be eating Basie help me put on more size politically don't want to get his point of view and his vice online putting on the mass thank Ron lot size: lot on end up getting life at so basically we're talking about mannose I want to to right now I'm about 100 and and 192 you would say sometimes when I 3 I want to I want to get up to about 200pounds and from roughly bomb about a possible come mostly no use you know you know I make videos of processing Stately how strongly the john is talking about is I haven't really found a way to good for on a lot size: a bell without losing my ass for little old up what he suggests like that is like the best way home for on you know by the seven pounds so keep an absolute easier than you think people make it so complicated because don't understand basic size you really should use to go all you only jump hero you know can agents you should reach you you think hours ago killer just probably the most ridiculous thing ever yeah to if you want to gain muscle mass have to use your body is recovery use it is as brat of you to me she always building up broken nose and a ball could not break it down for you know as the food we history is you to switch to the wrong words of seeing you and more going pretty weekend about Greek debt when you rich if you want to muscle you absolutely must ensure as many times it is possible here we met him switch from your your citizens you turning on that produces switch so we spoke about yesterday you think you you go how do we think that is a copy too many carbs ignoring first occurs in our can help you build muscle cartoon of a muscle in your body says everything's firms will never help people she we will but Moses first you first you know few workouts first help you prevent move the protein breakdown for whomever bill most there so protein protein protein taking of procuring masses must for two months you enough protein frequently Justin Upton’s yet so and then I can you talk about that with NBC make sure that every new has year ago has ruled by the same room so that asking defender size to the average person who so for you 34 grams maybe 36 wins for myself a brown nine grams you suggest it is there like a hazard to measure provide a waiter weaving so 90 important is so you are sure you're hearing average person is brought about 160 170 pounds or maybe even less he's got three grams Lucy just too much to meet its was most excited with temperature picks like how do you know you choose to guess the sooner some pic they they know it's between 39 grams inserting 5 dis for yourself up to 6p.m. you know you go it's not a bad thing to move their shutdown urging you so how do we get you know 56 games Lucy case will you can use some loosing you 3 you can someone Virginians or you have to take him right type of protein it has a certain amount of Lucy so the best short serve you seen for can just be me case he's a great week routine you the big mistake you can make in iTunes you taking vegetarians you have p P protein currency restrooms they do not have previously from stir we don't have enough whose to be particularly in 43 games Lucy or approve gene McCarthy? not so much process which service do for G possible extinction nothing to do with us you miss doesn't have a substantial whose see the sudden Lucy in addition to you for 200 rats BCA students miss you get this message because you do need to such reproaching need to secure new houses to reason to dislike a pool whom use your quiet must be hard for me to make that switch top she so is for vegetarians the reading on the all the difference as fish camp resources they be so mean BCAA's or just reduce your was Vietnamese you have enough substrate your system protein yes you should just means like protein amino acids worried what you now is there were no guys like us that is degrading to me there's no verdict a clear to me that’s really good feel happy for mass Lucy.



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